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Travel Tips and Fun

Many people think of Hawaii as paradise on earth. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather, the atmosphere ... If there is not a piece of heaven, what is it? Country is an archipelago of eight main islands. At the top of your head, you might be able to name Oahu and Maui that two of them, to be the location of the state capital Honolulu and Maui is popular for its mega-resort. Kaua'i has also won numerous awards over the years. Maybe not as crowded as the other islands, but there are also many things to do in Kauai.

First time travelers who want to make the most of your Hawaiian vacation better explore Maui. Although Honolulu and Waikiki Beach which is famous around the usual common tourist destination.

You go to record their trip? It's certainly not cheap to get to the Aloha state, then you have to make sure that you begin to feel and enjoy the place. There are direct flights to Kahului airport on the continent, which means that you can skip Oahu or the Big Island at all, if you are meant to focus on the Valley Isle.

If you're wondering what to-dos your trip much waiting, here are some of the most popular things to do in Maui

1. Nautical. Do you surf? If not, then Maui is the perfect place to learn a lot. You can ride the waves at your heart's content, if only bodyboard or skim boarding. Want to explore underwater? There are many sites for snorkeling and diving. Want to try something really exciting? As kitesurfing or windsurfing you say? If you do not adrenaline junkie, you can stick to swim or kayak.

2. Taking the trekking breath. Are you ready to communicate with the mountain (or volcano) and trees, experience the journey that will exceed your vision of the greatness of nature? If yes, then head of the Iao Valley State Park and Haleakala National Park.

3. Travelling Road. Have you heard about the famous Road to Hana? You can not go to Maui and not try to travel on this historic road. To lose it would be just a shame. It is a series of visual delights all the way from Kahului to Hana on the seven sacred associations. You can see the ocean from various viewpoints, waterfalls and other attractions.

Journey 4. Foods. Although luau is a must, there are many other culinary experience not to be missed. Where else can you get shave ice? Do the snow cone causes a whole other level? How to Make Spam Musubi? It is a version of maki sushi or processed foods. You should also try Hawaiian sweet bread, other food curiosity. It knocks "miracle" in Wonderbread and take his throne.

What a pleasant surprise. 5. When you think of Hawaii, you think of beaches, volcanoes and rain forests, not lavender farms and vineyards. Interestingly, Maui has been good, so just say you would love to try the pineapple and whipped products infused with lavender.

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