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Visiting Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, you might want to get to Sao Paulo, then went to Rio de Janeiro, because the flight to Sao Paulo is often the cheapest you can find in Brazil. You can also find other reasons why you should pay a visit to Sao Paulo. In addition to having a fantastic nightlife, museums and colorful neighborhood, São Paulo also has a subtropical climate, which, unlike the mainland coast of Brazil, is much more moderate. Unexpected changes in temperature are common.

Sao Paulo is really rich multicultural, cosmopolitan, welcoming many immigrants Italian, Portuguese, German and Spanish. It is located in the south-east of Brazil, at the edge of the plateau is located 70 km from the Atlantic Ocean, which ride on the beach, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level about 40% of industrial production in Brazil occurred in this city, as well as the production cars, chemicals, and rubber industry also plays an important role. In the XXI century, the modern city of São Paulo has the solutions and companies with rapidly growing industry.

There are many attractions, cafes, parks, restaurants and an art gallery that you can visit in this city. It also hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Brazil, and the state major fashion weeks. There are also many bus from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, which is a large city in Brazil worth a visit. Rio is home to about six million. As an important cultural center, and the food industry, the river is often the venue for many fairs, exhibitions and conferences. Rio offers a view that is really special because the 90 km long sandy beach, the world `s third largest forest, lots of granite mountains that plunge into the sea, and also several lakes and ponds.

"The statue of Christ the Redeemer," which is in "Corcovado" is often regarded as a major tourist attraction of the city is spectacular. Rio is also home to the largest football stadium in the world, known as "Maracana". However, another symbol of the city is the mountain known as the "Sugar Loaf".

Find the cheapest ticket you can be one of the cities and remember that they have frequent buses running between them throughout the day.

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